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    I don't know how to play guitar. Is this for me?  
    What if I'm disappointed? Can I get my $$ back?  
    But, don't I need to know some music theory?  


    So, is this really all I need, and for only 10 bucks?  
    Who are you anyway? Why should I believe you?  
      Fair questions. My name is Timothy Haney and I live in beautiful, sunny northern California. I've been playing guitar for almost 35 years (since I was about fifteen) both for pleasure and profit. I've played in bands ranging from country to thrash (ok, so I'm honest...) My own musical preferences lean toward jazz and fusion rock, with a sprinkling of classical and pop -- but my preference for playing guitar is definitely... FUNK!  Playing funky rhythm guitar is so much fun I could do that all day long. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to be taught the basics of this course early on when I had lots of free time on my hands.. so I practiced a lot and nailed it down and started soloing before I left high school way back in 1977. The rest is history as I've played in so many bands and venues over the years I don't remember them all. But, what I do remember (like riding a bicycle I'll never forget) is what I call the Magic Scale and that's at the very heart of my Easy Guitar Solo program. Once mastered, and that's exactly what my program helps you do quickly, and just like riding a bike, you won't think about what you're doing and instead just do it. Start playing beautiful, tasty guitar solos from your head, your heart, and soul... not from the books!
P.S. Feel free to write me via the Contact Us link if you need further proof. I'll send you a personal picture of my stubby little fingers... if I can play guitar, anyone can!
- Timothy

It really doesn't get any easier than this!

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