For less than ten bucks and twenty minutes a day you can be playing REAL GUITAR SOLOS real fast!

Imagine being able to play guitar solos along with any song or melody that comes up on the radio -- or sitting in on live jam sessions, taking your turn with your own exciting and original guitar solos! Any style, you'll learn to play over it.

Tired of playing chords all the time? Ready to fly solo?
With my powerful, yet super-easy and well proven system, using what I call the  "Magic Scale,"  you'll soon be playing your very own original guitar solos over any song or style of music you like! My program makes learning and memorization easy and you start soloing fast!

And, you don't need to read a lick of music,
or know anything about music theory or training!
All you need is my program and 20 minutes a day for learning the Magic Scale through simple diagrams and easy practice, and -
you will be playing solos on your guitar (or bass!) and well on your way to developing your own lead style. By learning the Magic Scale you tap into something all guitar pros know & use every day!
In fact, they couldn't play guitar solos without it. With my program your guitar skills will dramatically improve as you learn to play guitar solos instinctively without having to think about each and every note.
Start learning today and you'll be flying solo in no time - seriously.

It really doesn't get any easier than this!

Click to hear a sample!
Click to hear a sample!
Click to hear a sample!
Click to hear a sample!


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